Microdermabrasion At Home: PMD Debuts 5 New Color Options

PMD, the at home microderm device featured on The Doctors, The View, Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show is now offering its cool skin care devise in 5 new colors including pink, purple, blue, teal and black.

So what makes this tool all the rage? It's the perfect beauty tool for busy beauty junkies on the go.

In only 15 minutes a week, PMD diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, fine lines, sun spots and blemishes right at home. By clearing out pores and buffing away unwanted dead skin, this tools allows your beauty products to penetrate 20 times deeper, leaving a more even pigmentation and a flawless complexion.

"We want our fans and future customers to be able to express their personality with these newly debuted colors while still achieving the same age-defying, spa quality microdermabrasion results," said Sam Alexander, President of PMD.

PMD allows you to achieve the skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment in the convenience of your own home. A few short minutes a week helps to soften and modifies fine "expression" lines typically seen on the forehead and around the mouth.

The system also works to polish and reduce fine lines on the cheeks generally caused by aging and sun damage. Using the tool also smoothes pigment changes or skin discoloration. Is there anything this tool doesn't do?

Priced at $179, you get 1 personal microderm, 6 exfoliating discs, a white training disk, electric cord, facial cap, body cap, reusable filter, Instructional CD and Pamphlet.

Check it out at and let us know which color suits your exfoliating fancy with a note below!

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