Tired of adult acne? Consider this little device to help get skin back into shape.

Adult acne can be super annoying, but if there's hope for every teenager out there, any grown-up can clear things up too.

A clinical study shows that treating the skin with a combination of special blue+red light wavelengths can help clear mild to moderately severe inflammatory acne better and faster.

"We found a final mean improvement of 76% in inflammatory lesions using a combined blue+red light radiation which was significantly superior to those achieved by blue light or benzoyl peroxide," said the British Journal of Dermatology.

Red light therapy has also been shown to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production, prompt cellular repair and increase circulation for a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Brightened skin tone and improved skin texture have also been reported.

This same technology used by dermatologists is now available in the Clear BI-LIGHT Anti Aging LED Treatment for home use.

"Combination blue and red light phototherapy is faster and more effective in killing acne causing bacteria and calming the inflammation that accompanies acne," said Dr. Greenberg, a board certified physician.

Priced at $139, consider investing in this skin care device that's been receiving rave reviews. Check out the video below to hear from actual users.

Application is simple. Use the blue light therapy first and start by pressing into the affected area of the skin for a few minutes. The device has a built-in timer that will beep when it's time to move to the next area. Once you have placed the blue light over the acne prone areas of your face, swap out the blue light for the red. Using the red light then helps to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production and increase circulation.  

Using this superior combination of special wavelengths of blue and red light, Clear BI-LIGHT promises to help prevent acne breakouts, calm inflammation and rejuvenate the skin. Let us know what you think with a note below!