Love It Or Leave It: Madonna Flaunts Armpit Hair

It's the pits for Madonna these days! 

If you follow the pop icon on social media, you might have come across her latest controversial photo, featuring a bright new hair do that's not exactly on top of her head. 

Madonna is making headlines yet again thanks to the armpit hair she's sporting in her latest post to Instagram. Yes, the Material Girl is proving she isn't scared to try and spark any trend, including skipping the razor.

"Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove," was the caption Madonna wrote to accompany her photo, which has already received over 42,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments. So what's up with this hairy new pic?

The photo is part of Madonna's efforts to promote and support her Art for Freedom campaign, part of a global movement, which aims to start a revolution of love and help bring awareness to human rights violations. Art for Freedom encourages supporters to post their own photos that showcase the power freedom of speech through art. 

Madonna is famous for going against the grain, something that she started doing as a young girl. In an interview she recalled how she rejected the image of the popular girls in high school and decided to do her own thing. 

"I knew I couldn't fit into that. So I decided to do the opposite," the star once told Harper's Bazaar. "I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits."

"The boys in my school would make fun of me. 'Hairy monster.' You know, things like that," she said, adding: "Straight men did not find me attractive. I think they were scared of me because I was different. I've always asked, 'Why? Why do I have to do that? Why do I have to look this way? Why do I have to dress this way? Why do I have to behave this way?'"

What do you think of Madonna's statement making pic? Let us know with a note below!

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