It's no secret that it 'takes a village' to get celebrities ready for the red carpet. Stars often post photos with their glam squads hovering over them, getting them ready. But what isn't photographed is the painstaking prep work leading up to the big day, which can start as early as six months in advance! Dr. Vish Banthia, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon of ZendyBeauty, breaks down the planning behind the picture-perfect awards show beauty. 

6 Months Before:

Half a year away from award season, celebs begin to get in tip-top shape. "Many stars consider fractional laser resurfacing to improve skin's tightness and tone," Dr. Banthia said. "With just 2-3 sessions spaced out over 6 weeks, you truly see an improvement in skin tone, with a minimizing of pores and fine lines."