Using your foundation and traditional concealer, but still not getting the flawless look you're after? Consider trying color concealers.

Now at first glance, this rainbow palette of green, blue, purple and red might throw you off, but these surprising shades actually work great underneath your makeup to help diminish the imperfections you want to keep hidden so your skin looks pristinely perfect. Check out the color breakdown of which hues help with which beauty dilemmas.

Green - Believe it or not, this shade works great to spot treat and cover up redness on the skin. If you have a pesky red pimple, acne blemishes, sunburn, rosacea, or tend to have a little redness in your skin, use green to cancel out the red. The color combination will leave your imperfections gray and thus, way easier to cover with traditional foundation and concealer.

Yellow - Got really dark circles? This shade is the key to combating them. Sometimes regular concealer can still betray your makeup and allow dark under eye shadows to come through. Apply yellow concealer to dark circles first. The bright shade again will cancel out the under eye imperfections and your regular concealer will work much better over top.

Purple - When dark spots, hyper pigmentation, or discoloration make it difficult to apply your foundation and achieve an all-over even tone, using purple concealer can make this much easier. If you have scars that have healed a different shade than your normal skin tone, purple works great to cancel these out as well.

Blue - When the self tanner goes wrong in certain spots, or you're trying to combat a little sunburn, placing blue concealer over top the orange skin works great to cancel out the color. Foundation over top orange skin will never work, since certain spot of your skin have taken a citrusy turn for the worse, so use the blue first to get skin back to a shade that can be covered up with your usual makeup.

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