Just in time for spring, as the layers start to come off, it's time to get skin in smooth, touchable shape!

Check out the latest from Gillette Venus and see which razor can help you with a little spring-cleaning.

Personally, we are absolutely loving this super small lifesaver. Gillette Venus has debuted a portable razor for smoothness on-the-go! Dubbed the Venus Snap, this little guy is a staff favorite here at BWN. The perfect match for a busy and active lifestyle, it features a portable stylish compact that holds 5 of Venus' best Embrace blades surrounded by a protective Ribbon of Moisture on a mini-handle that conveniently tucks into any bag. Just wet the razor and you are ready to go! Get this cute gadget for as little as $10.

Need something that's geared toward sensitive skin? Try the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor. Most women who believe they have sensitive skin may actually just experience irritation from using the wrong or dull razor. The spring-mounted blades create a shaving surface that adjusts to the natural contours of a woman's body, allowing the blade cartridge to sit flatter on the skin, preventing the need to shave areas multiple times. Get the razor plus 2 blade refills for $13. 

And if you're looking to keep skin smooth and moisturized without the extra work, try the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor. You get a shave that features Olay Moisture Bars as the secret ingredient for healthy-looking skin by helping to lock in moisture for less dryness with every smoothing stroke. Olay Moisture Bars contain Petrolatum and Glycerin to help lock in hydration for less dryness and help give you a healthy looking glow. Just wet the razor to release a light lather - no separate shave cream is required. Get it for $9.

Check out the promo video of our favorite razor from the new trio below and let us know which shaver you're ready to switch to with a note!