OCC Cosmetics has been super busy this Fashion Week! The brand has been the secret to four fabulous looks we just had to know more about. Check out each super chic style and let us know which is your personal fave with a note below!


For the Chromat show, the look was all about lips and super defined brows. We love a red lip, so we had to get the deets on this look from lead makeup artist, Courtney Tichman. So how exactly would she describe the makeup? "A classic, bombshell look with a futuristic, sci-fi twist!" Works for us! How did she create the look? Tichman used OCC Matte Lip Tar in shade 'NSFW' ($18), shades 'Sybil' and 'Pennyroyal' in the new Cosmetic Colour Pencils for the brows ($16), and Crème Colour Concentrates in shades 'Newt,' 'Grandma,' and 'Mercury' ($20, each). 

Karen Walker

For the Karen Walker show, makeup artist Benjamin Puckey focused on creating killer cat eyes! Love! We were dying to know how the look was created. "Sixties eyeliner using Cosmetic Colour Pencil in shade Tarred. Cheeks are flushed and lips are stained with a mixture of Lip Tar in shades Kava Kava, Psycho and Clockwork," Puckey explained.

Creatures of Comfort

For the Creatures of Comfort show, we needed details on not just the makeup, but the nails too! Key makeup artist Courtney Tichman and Manicurist Nichole Allegre created signature looks. Here's what they had to say when it came to describing the muses they'd cultivated backstage. "An achievable cool girl look with a modern take on the ombre lip - cool girls do it backwards," Tichman said. "We wanted the nails to be more extreme against the clothing, like they dipped their fingers in the polish," Allegre explained. For makeup, the models wore shades 'Vintage and 'Black Dahlia' of the Matte Lip Tar and for Nail Lacquer, the shades chosen for the showe were 'Lustergarten,' 'Ripley,' and 'Spanglemaker' ($10, each).

Erin Fetherson

For the Erin Fetherson show, the sixties were again the decade from which key makeup artist, Lottie Stannard, drew inspiration from. The look was nude and understated, which always looks great. We asked Lottie to explain how she achieved the final product. "A modern take on a classic 60's look. The look was finished with the addition of Lip Tar in Lament, a new neutral debuting for fall 2014," she said. The secret to the flawless faces were OCC Tinted Moisturizer ($30) and Concealer ($20).

Which of these looks is your fave? Tell us below!