In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, we decided that instead of always studying the hair and makeup of the models, that we would take a look at one of the most iconic designers and find out how to steal her legendary swag.

Femme fatale, meets businesswoman, meets designer -- Donatella Versace needs no introduction. The designer, who for decades has graced red carpets with her long, silky, pin straight hair, is one of celebrity stylist's, Ricardo Rojas', longtime clients. For eight years, Rojas served as Donatella's personal hairstylist, traveling with the infamous designer during her global jet-setting. While working with her, he developed his hair inspiration from Donatella herself.

"She would talk about Hollywood glamour, and music, especially rock and roll. Donatella loved loud music, and having five or six queens around her as she got ready," said Rojas. "Her look reflected her lifestyle."

To create her signature look, Rojas would color the designer's tresses as blonde as they could be, and use seamless extensions to add length and volume. Rojas would then wash and dry the hair. Using a heat protectant spray or protective setting lotion to first prep the hair, he would then straighten it until it was perfectly pin straight, just like Donatella loved it to be.

Years later, Donatella's straight, blonde hair is still her go-to. "It's her signature look. I can't see Donatella with anything else. I've seen her with wavy hair, but it doesn't capture her the same," explained Rojas.

Today, Lady Gaga is the new face of the Versace brand - a perfect fit according to Rojas. "Lady Gaga is an icon, she's Italian, and she's a bull. Other than Madonna, she is the only celebrity who can truly compliment Donatella and the brand," he shared.

Rojas also said that most celebrities wouldn't be able to pull off Donatella's hair. They would have to truly be someone with a lot of personality, someone daringly bold. He named Cher and Eva Longoria as the two he'd like to see rock the look. 

Do you agree with Rojas? Let us know who else in Hollywood could rock Donatella's signature tresses with a note below!