HydroPeptide Serums, Masks and More: The Anti-Aging Skin Care Line Welcomes Preview of New Anti-Wrinkle Plus Clarifying Collection All While Addressing Adult Acne Problems

Super Bowl Sunday was quite a stressful day especially if you are Denver Broncos fan, but now that we have been thrust back into reality it is time to get back to the important things in life like caring for you skin.

Although, maintaining your skin can be a job it does not have to be such a difficult task thanks to products from HydroPeptide.

The Seattle based company has made quite a name for itself with its zero down time products and treatments and its anti-aging skin care line specializing in peptides and topical protein fragments that improve skin's radiance, tone and strength. Starting out with over thirty peptides, not only has the brand updated its formulas but they are now at 62 peptides.

During a lovely facial at The Setai Club & Spa on Wall Street Beauty World News spoke with the Chief Operations Officer of HydroPeptide, Annette Rubin, where she gave us some details about the company and their new Anti-Wrinkle Plus Clarifying Collection.

If you are looking for a product that will do wonders for your skin, look no further than Hydropeptide. Rubin explained that, "the products are free of phthalates, paraben, cruelty free, they're gluten free, phenoxyethanol and peg free, so we have this ultra clean ingredient deck that includes all of those most effective anti-aging ingredients."

With the wide range of collections, consumers can definitely expect diverse products featured in the skin care line.

Rubin said, "The collection is arranged in what we call 'A Micro Collection.' So we got our 'Anti-Wrinkle Collection' which is great for all skin types and then we have our specialty collections.

"We have our "Anti-Wrinkle Plus Sensitive Collection" for those people that experience sensitivity, whether their skin is reactive or they got Rosacea, it's a nourishing, gentle system to address our skin care concerns.

"We also have what we call our 'Targeted Solution,' think of those as like beauty boosters. We have a peel people can use at home, a firming body moisture, anti-aging lip plumping lip glosses and 'Even Out,' which is a specialty product that just helps even out uneven skin tone and address concerns with hyperpigmentation."

During our time at the spa we had the luxury of experiencing the Anti-Wrinkle Plus Clarifying Collection which technically doesn't hit the beauty market until March.

HydroPeptide has actually been working on their collection for quite some time with a specific goal in mind, to help women who are concerned with signs of aging as well as adult onset acne.

The skin expert revealed, "It is now up to 38% of women that experience adult acne. So this is a great way to properly care for both of those concerns together."

Featured in the new collection is a Purifying Cleanser that is considered a "multi-tasking" product and can be used as both a cleanser and a mask.

Annette told us, "You can wash or you can mask with it, it features oligopeptide 10 which is a detoxifying peptide.

"What is really unique about this product is that it is clay based." In other words, it detoxifies the skin and pulls out any impurities.

Not to mention that the formula consists of salicylic acid which is a great way to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Also featured in the collection is the Clarifying Toner which comes in pads. "Think of these as the brightening part of the system," Rubin suggests.

The Redefining Serum is an everyday sort of product "that can be worn daily both day and night. It's hydrating, adding additional water to the skin not additional oil, but it too has that perfect cocktail blend of ingredients to help with signs of aging. But also it has got lactic acid and malic acid to help gently exfoliate the skin and helps with acne."

As for active breakouts HydroPeptide has got you covered with a sulfur based acne spot treatment. "It's an over the counter drug that has 3% sulfur."

Rubin continued "We formulate all of our products so that when you use a product or get out of a HydroPeptide treatment, your skin looks more luminous and healthier. All of our products have an immediate and long term benefit.

BWN: So what are the long term benefits?

AR: It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to really start seeing a change in the reduction in the lines and wrinkles. You will also see that your skin will appear firmer and more lifted with an even out skin tone that you can notice pretty quick. Smoother skin, that's another immediate result that you see when you use our peels. There is also the lip plumper with immediate results that last for about 12 hours however, there's a long term result because we also use collagen boosting peptides.

BWN: What makes you different from other acne fighting agents on the market like Proactiv?

AR: We totally recognize that the ingredients used in Proactiv and other acne products in the market place have been scientifically proven to help P Acne and reduce it. What we done, is we said we love that there are really effective ingredients out there that help reduce acne however, those ingredients cause irritation to the skin. They can cause excess dryness, redness and flakiness. So what we have done, we said, we need to carefully address effectively treating acne while addressing fine lines, uneven skin tone all in one collection so that you don't have any negative side effects.

BWN: Where can consumers get HyrdroPeptide products?

AR: We are a spa line so our products can only be distributed in the hands of a professional. So you can find us in medical spas, dermatologist offices and day spas. We also partnered with and as well as our own website.

The prices of the new Anti-Wrinkle Plus Clarifying Collection will range any where from $24 to $130. We all know that beauty has a price but the products from HydroPeptide will quickly show you that your money has been well spent.

For information on HydroPeptide products you can check out the Twitter Page or Website.

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