It is no secret that celebrities love to maintain a healthy glow when it comes to their skin. A favorite among Hollywood stars, PretendTAN is the newest sunless tanner to hit the North American market.

PretendTAN is a unique sunless tanning line that produces a radiant natural looking sun-kissed finish. Created by DK Luxury Beauty (DKLB), the tanning experts that put sunless spray tanning in salons on the map, DKLB knows skin inside and out. With BOV or bag over valve state-of-the-art technology that allows an even streak free spray regardless of the angle of the bottle, PretendTAN aims to help users achieve a flawless and sunless tan that beautifully matches unique skin tones. 

"We have been pioneers in the business of sunless tanning for professional use for well over 10 years, and are really excited to present this amazing full range product line for use at home that not only looks and works beautifully, but is also safe for you and your skin, which is so important" explained DKLB founder Donna Kuczynski to BeautyPress.

The paraben free, UV free, oil free, odor free, orange free and streak free formula line will give users a lush and professional bronzed skin tone all in the convenience of their own privacy, and includes a spray Bronzing mist, Bronzing Mousse, Pretan Enzyme Exfoliator, Pretan Shower Gel and a Sheer Simmer Bronzing Oil.  

Debuting in 2012, Kuczynski launched the product on national television to rave reviews and sold out shows. Celebrity fans include Billy Baldwin of Gossip Girl, Estella Warren of Planet of the Apes, and Jaime Murray of Dexter. PretendTAN also took part in the WOW! Creations celebrity gifting lounge at the 85th Oscar Academy Awards where a ton of A-List celebrities attended the annual awards ceremony dropped by to try out the new products. 

Wanting to bring a bit of luxury into the mainstream consumer and beauty industry market, DKLB will be launching the line May 3rd on ShopNBC in the US.  

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