So what can age us well ebyond our years? Those pesky gray hairs!

Gray hair can make you look older than you are; in fact, covering gray is a leading reason why women color their hair. So help in the fight against this hairy situation, Clairol is now inviting women to defy their age with their formula that turns back the clock on aging hair.

Aging hair has complex needs. It is more unruly than younger hair and can also be coarse, frizzy, and harder to color. Clairol has developed a solution to women's aging hair care struggles with the new Expert Age Defy Collection.

The Clairol Expert Age Defy Collection fights 7 Signs of Aging Hair, resulting in tresses that looks ten years younger. Age Defy provides 100% gray coverage and super saturated color to resistant grays, for softer, smoother, and more vibrant hair than before.

Psychologist and aging expert, Vivian Diller, recently spoke to the bigger conversation surrounding anti-aging when it comes to hair. Check out these alarming facts she pointed out:

"Out of the women we talked to, an overwhelming 91% have gray hair - whether a little or all of their hair - and while women share different viewpoints of what gray says about them, half of all the women agreed gray hair did make them look old (47%). Not only did they say it made them feel old, but 80% of women said it made them feel unattractive," the expert explained.

"We can all agree that women are well versed in anti-aging as a theme and go to great lengths to turn the clock back, so it surprised us that 61% of women said they hadn't considered using anti-aging products on their hair with the majority of women, 93% - saying that they never thought about it. In fact, outside of gray hair as an age-indicator, only 20% of women felt informed and prepared for all the different effects of aging."

Clairol's Expert Age Defy benefits include helping to fight breakage, dryness, lackluster hair, unruly hair, stubborn grays, coarseness, and frizz. The $8.99 system includes a Pretreatment Texturizing Cream to soften hair before coloring, making it easier to get colorant through hair. A creme color formulation is also provided, tailored for gray hair that goes deep into hair fiber for optimal gray coverage. And the included Pro-V ColorSeal conditioning therapy helps lock in color and keep hair soft and shiny.

Age Defy is available in 12 shades wherever health and beauty aids are sold. For more information, women can visit or call the color experts at 1-800-CLAIROL.

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