In the modern world of men, makeup and skin care, there are all kinds of new products being waved in front of the noses of UK's modern man.

Over recent years, the beauty industry as a whole has welcomed the arrival of BB creams on mass scale. With makeup bloggers, men's skincare specialists and male beauty columnists regularly pointing men in the direction of a BB cream, as we sit here on the cusp of yet another record breaking year for the men's segment, as MMUK MAN introduces Britain's very first men's BB Cream.

Combining the efforts of superb anti-aging care, along with an expertly developed BB tint, the future remains very bright for men out there, looking to get their grooming stamina off to a flying start.

With MMUK MAN's BB cream designed to offer superb healing and protective properties, along with a completely unrivaled ability to even skin, treat blemishes and create a soft and soothed surface, it's sure to be a very welcome addition to many a man's grooming bag.

Arriving in three expert color matching tones (light, medium and dark), MMUK MAN seeks to broaden the horizons for men who wish to experiment with such a cosmetic product, without being restricted by women's BB creams typically very light shade mono-tones.

The formula is said to have been carefully engineered to treat the most common facial blemishes experienced by men, heal skin and produce just enough coverage to blanket the face flawlessly. With MMUK MAN, gentlemen have the opportunity to truly grasp makeup for men with both hands, without running the risk of getting caught out in a grooming minefield.

In addition to the benefits, men don't have to worry about flashy or feminine packaging. This new BB cream comes in the same matte black packaging, present across the entire MMUK MAN makeup for men range. Now men can cover and treat spots, uneven skin, blemishes and redness too.  Join the club fellas!

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