As February rolls around, a lot of our minds start fantasizing about the end of the brutal winter and the eventual warmer seasons, so it's time to start eyeing that vanity for a little spring-cleaning!

As beauty lovers, we know not only to update our skincare regimens to adapt to the seasons, but experts at BeautyPress remind us we must also never forget to give our collection of beauty products the proper spring cleaning it deserves.

"If you have any face washes or scrubs that are near 9 months old, it's time to throw them to the trash," experts revealed. Old eyeliners? Don't risk infecting your eye as a new season approaches, toss them! Keeping old products not only clutters your space, but also keeps you from using the most effective products you own. And don't forget to lighten things up for the lips. Gone are the days of oxblood and wine. Time to switch to the lighter lip palette.

Spring also presents a fabulous new reason to go shopping. "Read up on the biggest spring trends and update your beauty products to match your favorite spring looks," the professional beauty junkies suggested.

What to add to your collection for this upcoming spring? Pastels and light colors are always in for the season. Assess what you own already in your beauty collection and make slight additions. A good way to get inspired? Check out what the stars are rocking on all the latest red carpets during award season. And don't forget to add a little radiant orchid to the list, as it's the new Pantone Color of the Year!

Update your skincare routine as well to protect your skin from the seasonal elements. "As spring approaches it's time for a lighter face cream, especially one with SPF to protect from the suns damaging rays," our expert noted. As it gets warmer out and skin tends to create more oil, so try also reaching for a mattifying toner to help make the seasonal adjustment simple and easy to make.

How do you switch up your makeup for spring? Let us know with a note below!