Bows & Crystals: Nail Rock Releases New ROCKITS

Rock Beauty London is back with some innovative new 3D nail art now available at Walmart! 

Introducing Nail ROCKITS Bows and Nail ROCKITS Crystals, complete 3D nail art kits with all the tools and gems to create some, dare we say, rockin' hot looks. Each 6-piece manicure kit contains a Nail Rock polish, matching velvet finish and three types of coordinating nail art charms.

There's been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the nail art trend is gone for good. Last summer, WWD reported a decline in sales for nail polish, possibly indicating that the fad might be done. Beauty gurus Eva Chen and Jin Soon Choi agreed and were quoted as saying"I feel a bit tired of all the gimmicks."  But tried and true nail junkies rejoice! The creativity rolls on for those dedicated to decals.

Nail ROCKITS Bows contain dainty pearl bows along with complementing gems for ultra girly and stylish nails. The bows top a pastel green polish and velvet, perfect to rock for the soon-to-be spring season. 

Nail ROCKITS Crystals has a fuchsia polish and velvet along with various dazzling heart shaped gems for a bold and eye-catching look. Instead of heading to the nail salon, create your own unique look with Nail ROCKITS and rock them over and over again with the endless amounts of styles that can be achieved.

To use Nail ROCKITS is super easy. How to Nail ROCKIT:

- Paint nails with two coats of nail polish

- Carefully sprinkle the velvet onto the nail and shake off excess

- Allow 15-20 minutes for nails to dry

- Apply a small drop of the nail polish onto the velvet and while it is still wet, carefully drop your chosen 3D appliqué onto the nail.

- Repeat with each nail

- Allow another 15-20 minutes to dry

- You are ready to Rock!

Nail ROCKITS Bows and Nail ROCKITS Crystals are both $7.47 at Walmart stores. For more information visit

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