'Lizzie Borden Took an Ax' Lifetime Movie: Christina Ricci Finds It Fun Playing 'Smart' Yet 'Really Troubled' Murderer


We will soon see Christina Ricci play the infamous ax murder Lizzie Borden as the starlet will grace the small screen in the Lifetime television movie, "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax."

According to the New York Post, the "Black Snake Moan" actress stars in one of the deadliest of daughters stories which tells the tale about the gruesome murders of her parents and the trial.

In reality Lizzie Borden was accused of killing her father and step-mother in 1892. However, the actress who plays the sociopath found some difficulty portraying a guilty murderer.

Ricci said, "What I thought was interesting about playing this part," adding, "was the question of, 'How does a person behave once they're accused of this in trying to convince everyone they're innocent?' "

The film gives off a vibe of part horror film/part court procedural, as Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden tries to convince the police and her sister that would never commit such a crime.

However, when the character appears naked while whacking away at her father's face with an axe, her defense falls short.

Although, that particular scene isn't based on evidence the actress explained that it was a likely scenario.

She said, "The best people can do is put all the elements together and hypothesize. [Based on the timeline], there was no way she could have gotten rid of her clothes. So one of the theories is that she committed the crimes naked."

Adding, "I'm a pragmatist, so I thought it was smart. You can wash blood off your body, but it's harder to get it out of clothes."

Borden was acquitted of her chargers when her lawyer agued that she couldn't possibly have committed such vicious acts because she was a woman.

Executive producer Judith Verno who believes that Borden was guilty based her opinions off of an actual police and court transcripts, some of which appear verbatim in the film.

She said, "We added a line which is right out of the real transcript: 'It's very hard to imagine that if you found your father dead, on the couch, that you would remain in the house.' To me, the natural instinct would be to leave the house, because the killer's probably there."

Verno admitted, "That she sat down and remained so calm was very telling."

Whether Lizzie Borden was truly guilty or innocent, Christina Ricci admitted that playing a disturbed character is fun.

She said, "The most interesting people to play are the people who are really troubled, because most people are reactive," adding, "The most proactive person is gonna be the person with a lot going on in their mind."

Will you be watching "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax" at 8 p.m on Saturday, January 25th? Let us know in the comment section below.

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