Do you have unusable or duplicate products leftover from your Birchbox, Ipsy or other monthly beauty services? Trade it!

Thanks to a new digital innovation designed for beauty junkies everywhere, it has never been easier to own the hottest beauty samples you actually want to use. It can be just as fun and easy as receiving the boxes!

With this concept in mind, has launched the first online community providing users of all beauty subscription boxes a free marketplace to negotiate and trade their samples.

eDivv was created by Casey Casterline and Jon Katz.  Casey is an avid subscriber of many beauty subscription box service companies and was frequently frustrated by not always receiving the sample products she greatly desired. Casey went on a mission to develop a platform that would bring users together and facilitate the trading of these products, thus was created.  

How does it work? Beauty subscription box companies send 4-6 products each month, many of which are thrown out, put in the closet, or never used. facilitates the swapping of these items through an interactive, negotiating-like platform never before seen on the internet.

Trading, or as likes to call it, "divvying," is a fun, easy, and interactive way to swap products online.  Through the use of "Divvy" Requests, users can accept, decline, or counter their trading partner's offer through checking or un-checking products listed under their trading partner's account. 

Beauty sample products are already being traded on mediums across the web today, including Facebook pages, makeup blogs and forums.  But these modes are currently insufficient and traders can't always trust their trading partner's dependability. allows users to adequately post products to their page, search for products of interest, negotiate potential trades, and rate their trading partner's reliability at the completion of a trade.

Visit the website to see what the beauty buzz is all about!

What beauty boxes do you subscribe to? Ready to make a trade? Let us know with a note below!