Quit Smoking for 2014 With the Help of 'Sponsorship To Quit' Online Program

So if kicking the habit is your goal this year, but you're in need of a little bit of help and support, fear not! Sponsorship to Quit is here to help you say sayonara to cigarettes.

Sponsorship to Quit is a free online quit-smoking program that smokers can personalize with customized tools and tips during their quit journey. Get all the expert advice you need to become nicotine-free!

Here's how it works. After completing an online consultation, smokers can access tools that help track successes and slip ups, earn badges, celebrate milestones, and access expert information and tips 24/7. Smokers receive a tailored quit plan that offers help in selecting the right nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) form and strength that best matches their needs, like nicotine gum, lozenges or patches.

Joining Sponsorship to Quit, you immediately get access to helpful tools. Smokers can sign-up to receive a free 'quit kit' upon registration, which includes information on understanding their smoking habit, a quit journal and an official quitter card - a physical reminder of smokers' commitment to quit. Smokers can even access and track their personalized quit plan on the go through their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Quitting smoking is a two-part problem: The first part is all about overcoming the physical addiction to nicotine. The second part involves overcoming the behavioral addiction to cigarettes.

Using stop-smoking aids, like nicotine gum, patches or lozenges can help address nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, while a personalized support program can help address the behavioral changes needed to quit successfully. NRT products in conjunction with a behavioral support program, like the free online STQuit program, can increase a smoker's chances of quitting. So let's increase those odds!

Ready to quit smoking? Let us know if you plan to try Sponsorship to Quit with a note below!

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