Fact or Myth? Test Your Beauty IQ

True of False? Fact or Fiction? Test your beauty IQ and see if you know the answers to these fun beauty questions before reading the answer. Remember, no cheating!

Question: Which comes first, the mascara or the lash curling?

Answer: This is like asking, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Everyone has their own tried and true regimen, but it doesn't hurt lashes to curl them first and then coat with mascara after. This is because so many mascaras have nourishing properties that keep lashes strong, flexible, healthy and hydrated. So no harm done!

Question: My gray hair turned blue when I used a highlighting shampoo. What went wrong, and what can I use to keep it from looking brassy?

Answer: Gray hair can have many different textures and properties, which react differently to the amount of coloring, found in color- enhancing shampoo. This is more of a problem with shampoos for toning brassiness on blonde hair, than for gray.

Question: Isn't the best way to choose SPF is by simply choosing the highest one?

Answer: Not exactly. The numbers on sunscreen bottles indicate the level of protection offered against harmful UVB rays for a certain amount of time. A clever equation to keep in mind is '"minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time.' "Imagine that your skin normally begins to burn after 10 minutes in full sun without any protection. A 30 SPF sunscreen would provide 30 times the protection of no sunscreen," explained a research associate from Penn State. That means you have about 5 hours before you will start to sunburn. 

Question: Because I am allergic to detergents, what is a quality hypoallergenic shampoo?

Answer: Look for a shampoo with natural ingredients. If you are allergic to plants or natural extracts, you may have an allergic reaction. There is no professional shampoo that is specifically hypo-allergenic or non-allergenic for all people. 

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