Eyelash Technician To The Stars: Natalie Barkus Is Hollywood's New Beauty Secret

Meet the 'go to' red carpet eyelash extension technician that signs contracts with the A-listers. Yes she is that good.

Natalie Barkus spends most of her time at plush hotels in London, L.A and New York. Not because she is a serial vacationer but because she is summoned there by Hollywood's stars to attend to their lashes.

Natalie has developed her own unique technique to applying eyelash extensions that results in simply the most superior work. Her technique is seamless, precise and methodical, individually applying between 30 and 100 individual lashes to each eye! Now that's nothing to bat an eye at!

Barkus sources 8 different lengths, 4 different widths, and 4 different curls for the most customized lash looks possible. The result is an overall finish where it is impossible to identify where the lash finishes and the extension begins. No wonder all the glitterati and Natalie's London clientele are nothing short of hooked and going back for more.

With everyone, including us, reporting about the pros and cons of eyelash extensions and even eyelash bling, Natalie too is no stranger to the horror stories. The expert knows about it all. From stories of less qualified technicians dropping glue in client's eyes (omg!), to the top and bottom lashes sticking together, to lashes feeling spikey when blinking, all are clearly dubbed uncomfortable and potentially unsafe side effects.

So what truly sets Barkus from the rest? Technique, efficiency, and time management. Getting eyelash extensions is not a quick treatment. Thus many cases have been reported of technicians putting a bundle of lashes on the individual natural lash in order to cut down time rather than doing them one by one, which causes in some cases a mass loss of the natural lash. Say it ain't so!

Natalie has developed a technique that unlike others, honors the natural lash cycle. This means Barkus' clients can have lash extensions in permanently and not damage their natural lashes. The key is to allow the baby lashes to grow through, so clients always have a lash growth cycle and a full lash line. This technique has seen Natalie's demand increase especially with the A-list of Tinsletown who can never afford to put a lash on wrong!

Beauty4Media reports that Natalie was originally a hospital doctor in her Native Russia. Barkus then set off from St. Petersburg for new sites including the US and UK. Natalie, a fashionably glamorous girl had always loved beauty and was driven by the mostly sub standard lash services typically offer. With a wish to create a more professional treatment, Natalie trained underneath a Beverly Hills technician who had spent the last couple of years attending to eyes of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

"When I take something on I want to do it perfectly," the lash expert explained. I knew if I learnt from the best I would be the best, this is what I pass on to my clients." It is Natalie's constant drive for perfection and her remarkable attention to detail that makes her one of the best lash technicians in the country. With a keen, dare we say, eye, for creating the perfect look for each pair of popular peepers in Hollywood, Natalie's clients uniformly report looking, fresher, younger, and more awake.

Planning on heading to the UK? Check out Natalie's Eyelash Extensions Salon

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