Sick of having dry and damaged hair?  Do you dream of having healthy and luxurious looking tresses?  Consider some simple hair care advice from Raphael Reboh, owner of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach, FL. Try these tips for getting your hair into tip top shape!

Wondering just who this celebrity stylist has had the pleasure of working with? The hair care expert has styled Hollywood goddesses such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Teigen, Claudia Schiffer and Jennifer Lopez just to name a famous few. Read below for the five tips Raphael personally recommends for achieving those luxurious locks you're after:

Cool things down. When it comes to the bombshell blowout, Reboh says it's OK to simmer things down and avoid unnecessary damage with added heat. "Try to not blow dry your hair on the hottest setting, warm is best," he explained. "Also, point the dryer down, as this will help you to avoid extra frizz."

Maintenance is key. Don't hold onto unhealthy damage and split ends. "You must keep up with trims to keep hair healthy," Reboh notes. "Try to head to the hairdresser every 8 weeks!"

Don't overdo it. Reboh stresses that it's more than OK to alternate the days you cleanse your scalp. "Don't wash your hair every day. Pick up a dry shampoo or throw your hair in a chic bun if it looks greasy," he said. "Washing hair everyday strips it of its natural oils."

You are what you eat. Hair care starts with adding the right foods to your plate and eliminating the wrong ones. "Diet is very important for your hair," Raphael said. "Make sure to get enough protein.  This can include eggs, lentils, spinach for iron."

Style Smart. Raphael says to try and reduce the amount you flat iron your hair. "There are many different alternatives for styling that don't require a hot tool," he explained. "You can always put a styling cream on wet hair, twist in a bun, spritz a bit of hairspray and go!  Take hair out in a few hours and you have beautiful waves."

Adding any of these tips to your hair care regime? Let us know with a note below!