Get ready for more new innovations from the Covergirl beauty brand.

With America being the ultimate melting pot for diversity, the future promises to bring an even bigger blend of culture, personalities, expressions, and attitudes. Building on its strong heritage as a leader in cosmetics innovation, Covergirl has analyzed demographic data to project the wide array of skin tones in America in the year 2020. Talk about the beauty of technology!

As a result of their research, the brand has revisited the existing TruBlend foundation lineup to introduce seven new shades, for a new total of 21. The range is now organized under a new, intuitive packaging system to ensure it meets the needs of women today and tomorrow.

Organized into Light, Medium, and Deep, each range contains seven different shades. TruBlend's new water-based formula and unique pigments allow for the foundation to move and blend with skin more easily as well. The result is a nude look that appears natural, seamless, and feels lightweight. In addition to foundation, there are two TruBlend Fixstick Concealers for each Light, Medium, and Deep range to hide any additional imperfections, as well as Pressed Powders to seal and set your look. Try both for $7 each.

New packaging makes choosing your shade and applying the color super easy too. For $10 you'll get a pump dispenser that locks in place for mess-free makeup. Plus the embossed bottle also clearly displays the shade number, so forget trying to read the super small type that's often impossible to read on the bottom of makeup products. Looks like they've thought of everything!

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