Me Time And Valentine's Day Beauty Ideas: Picks From Garden Apothecary

The New Year is here and believe it or not, Valentines Day plans are already being made. The lovely day falls on a Friday this year, so whether you plan to cuddle up with someone special or love yourself, these uniquely affordable luxe items are perfect for indulging over the Valentine's Day weekend.

Featured in both People and Vogue Magazine, Garden Apothecary excels in bringing wholesome organic products into homes all over the world, crafting hand-made, small-batch botanical products for the face and body. Keep these luxe little finds in mind, perfect for V-day and perfect for the early ushering in of spring. 

Garden Apothecary is an organic body care line, offering sugar scrubs and water refreshers. All products in the line are minimal in ingredients and sourced as local to the California, Bay Area. The West Coast brand uses whole botanicals and the highest quality essential oils, with their sugar scrubs and water refreshers only made with top grade organic botanicals, for the true essence and scent of the plant. Additionally, all products are organic, hand-made, environmentally and socially sound. Among our personal picks:

Rose Leaf Bath Tea - Filled with rose hips oils, pink rose powder, petals and Epsom salts, enjoy this as a great way to unwind in an indulgent hot soak. The packaging is a lovely recycled glass bottle and top too, all for just $22.

Cacao Body Scrub - Add a little plant power to your shower. This body scrub is a lovely exfoliant for dry or stressed skin. Try a small scoop all over your body the next time you have an extra few minutes in the shower. The rich organic oils will hydrate your skin long after the shower. Try it for just $24.50.

Single-Use French Green Clay Mud Mask - You know we hear at BWN love a good clay mask! Try this lovely mud masks with water for a hardening, detox mask for the face. Or you can add 2 tbsp. of honey for a gentle, anti-inflammatory cleanser. These retail online for $4.50 a piece.

Ready to indulge a bit? Let us know which treatment you're eyeing with a note below!

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