Nail junkies, remember to pick your jaws up off the floor after you read this one.

Mina Atramentum unveiled a nail lacquer exclusively pigmented with precious metals at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week's CZAR by Cesar Galindo presentation. The fine silver polish, which retails for $175, is pigmented using only real silver! MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer is an innovation in nail care so revolutionary, it already is making waves in the world of fashion.  The nail lacquer is 5-free, making it the perfect choice for the more conscientious style icon looking for a truly raw, carefully formulated product that stands out as the benchmark of quality, style and perfection. A step forward in formulation, MINE has one foot in the future and one foot in the glamour of the past.

This nail-briting concept was conceived of and formulated by Veleta Vancza, an artist, goldsmith and enamellist with a background in academia and an innovator in the field of vitreous enamel. As her latest work, MINE Luxury Nail lacquer sits at the nexus of nail care, jewelry, and the art world. On the polish, Vancza told BeautyPress, "Luxury is always 'on trend.' Our clients can be certain that with lacquers pigmented exclusively by precious minerals, their nail colors will be timelessly fashionable."

Veleta notes that the lacquers are colored only by the precious material. No filler pigments or colors are utilized at all. As a result, MINE introduces exhilarating luxury to the nail care market. Gold and silver dominate MINE's premiere color palette, but it also features exciting fashion-forward colors like graphite and pewter, which can be worn matte, or burnished to a sparkling brilliance.

Even the packaging is pioneering, with hand-cut Austrian crystal bottles and custom boxes! "The entire experience is reminiscent of ultra-luxury perfumes or Fifth Avenue jewelry," says Vancza, "old-world refinement and high design have now found a home with nail lacquers."

For connoisseurs seeking the very best that life has to offer, MINE can be custom tailored to a specific hue with choice of mineral additives with their Bespoke Color Service. The premiere line of MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer will be available exclusively online at and, in November, through art galleries such as Heidi Lowe Gallery, where visitors will be able to purchase the nail lacquer, along with a companion piece of jewelry made by Veleta Vancza.

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer retails for $100-500 depending on the mineral used to pigment the polish. 24K and 22K gold are at the top of the range, of course.

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