Hair And Face Mask in A Can! Meet Clayspray, The Only Clay Emulsion of its Kind in the World

We all love a fabulous facial, but this new formula has got the newest innovation we've seen in a while. Meet the world's first clay emulsion in a spray! This extraordinary range of unique masques is a fusion of two elements: the purest clay in the world with added natural ingredients to enhance skin's well-being and natural spring water. The luxe collection is comprised of both white clay and red clay masks and is now available to consumers in the US.

If you haven't tried clay mask before, what are you waiting for? Both red and white clay provide very important skincare benefits including antiseptic and exfoliative properties that help to balance the skin's flora and interact with its microorganisms, thus aiding cell rejuvenation. They promote deep cleansing, removing environmental toxins and neutralize the toxic effect of free radicals. Each clay contains its own variety of minerals: the white clay contains potassium, calcium and silica for moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, while red clay contains iron and magnesium to activate the circulation and encourage healing.

So what makes Clayspray so unique? Purity is said to be the key to the Clayspray secret. Only by combining carefully selected clays with the purest spring water can maximum stability and optimum rheological properties be achieved. When the clay is mixed with water it undergoes changes as a consequence of the clay-water interaction. The clay-water interaction ensures that the clay is at optimum levels of efficacy, with its properties enhanced for the maximum benefit of skin.

And of course you're wondering how the spray feature works. To ensure the clay's purity is not compromised, years of research has been undertaken by a team of leading European scientists. As a result, the clay has been carefully packed into portable patented cylinders that have a unique dual chamber within an air-tight compartment. The clay remains isolated from the air propellant upon delivery to keep the clay fresh and pure. Finally a special dispensing mechanism has been designed to ensure the clay does not dry or clog the pump to easily dispense your clay mask. These innovative design features and formula ensure that the clay remains hygienic, always fresh, and easy to use from the first to the last facial.

Choose from any of the 5 Clayspray Masks and 2 Water Sprays. The masks are $59.95 and the water sprays are $23.95.  Shop the collection at and in the Beauty Habit catalog. For more information visit:

Which spray are you ready to try? Let us know with a note after checking out the promo video below!

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