Try the Trend: Eyeshadow Art

In recent years, women are doing more than just using shadow to add depth and dimension to their eyes; many ladies are applying multiple colors to create designs, drawings and pictures. Click through the slideshow to see a few of our favorite ways to make your peepers pop!

There are several emerging makeup artists such as Katie Alves who paint museum-worthy masterpieces, and colorful movie scenes like from Disney's "The Lion King" on the eyes.  Already, several interpretations of shadow art have popped up (remember the glittery, green-and-blue peacock-eye?) But how does one come up with a breath-taking design? 

Well, turning an idea or drawing into a dazzling eye look first takes passion. Israeli makeup artist and blogger, Tal Peleg knows more than a thing or two about doing intricate creations. The renowned visionary specializes in imagery from fairy tales and classic novels, as well as grand embellishments and decorations. Tal uses the eye as her canvas, crafting fantasy-driven paintings with liquid liner and shadow. One will find swans, stars, pearls and princesses in her work; cosmetics mean a lot to this creative soul.   "[Eye art takes] a lot of patience, steady hand and using the right brushes and products," said Tal to Beauty World News.

Much of shadow art incorporates the peepers' shape and brows, considering how the parts all work together to bring life to a design. The eye looks take flair, and out-of-the-box thinking. When it comes to transforming what's in your mind into artwork, many cosmetic lovers just paint things that they love on and around their eyes.

The perfect advice for those junkies starting out is about being imaginative, said celebrity makeup artist, Pat McGrath to CoverGirl. "Creativity is your best makeup skill, don't be afraid to experiment," said Pat.

Tal uses cosmetics to change a women's appearance, and bring out her fabulousness. "[Makeup's power] is not just the ability to make a woman more beautiful, but in general its ability to transform," said Tal to the Daily Mail. The rising star uses Concrete Minerals shadows for a lot of her looks because rich pigment is essential; CoverGirl believes adding water to the colors makes the special effects stand out, creates more saturation and pigmentation. 

When it comes to liners, Tal shared on her website that she looks for a very thin and sharp liner to draw accurate lines, especially when it comes to animal shapes (check out her Facebook page for more artwork.) But using any shadow as a pencil can create softer, subtle lines, if a design requires it, according to CoverGirl. 

Do you like to play with shadows? What are your favorite designs? Think creatively drawing around your peepers is the new nail art? Tell us with a note in the comments section below!       

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