Love It or Leave It: Taylor Swift Cuts Hair

Taylor Swift has cut her hair! 

But before fans go crazy, America's sweetheart just snipped her strands for a shoulder-length look. But what a change! Taylor said goodbye to her super-long locks, and hello to a sassy style with choppy, side-swept bangs. To commemorate the tress transformation, the newly 24-year-old young pop starlet took to Instagram to post photos of her new 'do. And Ms. Swift also even showed off her new hair at a recent concert in Perth, Australia.

The award-winning country singer may be known for her catchy break up songs, but her freshly minted mane now has everyone talking. Since T. Swift is so clean-cut and known for having heavy fringe, the sassier strands are a shock.

Taylor's hair changes are not, well, swift. The singer has had her signature locks for a long while now. Sure, we have watched the blonde's lengthy 'do go from wavy, to sleek straight, to a fierce blow-out. But she has kept her mane under control by sticking with one signature length. But change has come for T. Swift. "While in the studio I came to the realization that my bangs are long enough to use as a sleep mask on long flights," said Taylor on Instagram. "Then I remembered I don't ever use sleep masks on flights. So really, I just need a haircut." 

We have to say that the style shows that Taylor is no longer playing it safe. It's nice to see the starlet take a risk, and switch up her style, especially when it's just in time for her Dec. 13 birthday. But could Taylor have gone a bit more daring, like changing her color? Yes!

Think change is good in Taylor's case? Digging the singer's new 'do, or is it a don't for you? Tell us your thoughts with a note below!       

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