New engagement, new baby, and fabulous new endorsements, can the life actress Olivia Wilde leads be any more charmed? As the star makes the rounds promoting her partnership with beauty megabrand, Revlon, we kept our ears alert for any personal beauty tips Wilde had to offer up, and boy were there a few. Check out what the star considers her golden makeup rule and skin care saviors below.

So with such fabulous bone structure, it would appear that Olivia could do no makeup wrong. Her piercing eyes, amazing cheekbones and gorgeous smile make her one red carpet stunner. But it appears even the prettiest of them all has a few tried and true glam rules to live by. "I think for me because of my man jaw, I try not to do a strong lip and a strong eye cause I go drag queen real fast," the star joked with E! News.

All jokes aside, however, as brand ambassador for the new Revlon Age Defying Collection, Olivia admits that there is a double standard when it comes to getting older and using anti-aging products. "Men don't need it. They look great as they get older," she said. "The more creases in their face, the more weathered and cowboyish they all look." So with this unfairness in mind, Olivia explained her unique outlook on how to handle the pressure to make time stand still.

"I try to think of it not as anti-aging which seems sort of negative, like you're trying to stave off this tidal wave of doom," Wilde told DailyMakeover. "Instead, just think of it as maintenance. So I'd say as you grow older, you just intensify the care a little bit with the amount of water you're drinking, the amount of sleep you're getting."

So just what is Olivia using to help her look so great? Revlon's new Age Defying CC Cream ($14) of course. Out this month, the formula moisturizers, corrects skin imperfections, and protects with SPF 30. "Just throwing that on, you're kind of good to go," Olivia explained. "I'm a fan of a product than can do many things at once and simplify my regimen and make it easy and fast. I've now got my makeup down to a 10-minute routine."

And a girl after our own hearts, Olivia never goes to bed with her makeup still on. "I'm pretty good about washing my face every morning and evening," she explained. "Moisturizing my skin-a stronger, thicker moisturizer during this time of year. I love Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($42.95, Gucci Westman slathers it on like a mask. Its the first thing she does. And it feels so good, especially if you keep it cold.

And as for her anti-drag queen makeup, the budding mom-to-be keeps it simple. CC cream, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara are really all this gal needs. "When in doubt, just think of the French," she explained. "They are so simple and perfect and chic." Who knew the star was so full of beauty tips?! Love!

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