With all the agony that high-heel-wearing women have suffered over the years, it's surprising that no one thought of this before. The New Still Standing Spray does what many gel insoles and flower inserts try to do but don't. It actually prevents the discomfort caused by standing, walking or just wearing high heels or stilettos. As a result, feet feel just as good after an hour and a half as they did when you first put on your shoes. A spray to stop stiletto suffering before it starts? Tell us more!

Still Standing is a natural, patent-pending proprietary formula spray made of cooling menthol and Certified Organic eco-distilled Arnica, Aloe and Ilex. These three herbal remedies are time-tested natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. The eco-distillation process ensures that the resulting herbal extracts have the highest potency and efficacy. Along with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, they come together in a greaseless, colorless, stain-free spray that keeps feet feeling great (the menthol scent quickly vanishes after a few minutes).

Lyn Butler, a former Emmy award winning TV producer, is the genius behind this foot-saving spray. A self-confessed cosmetic junkie and solution-seeking researcher, she has spent 3 year developing the product.