Are you tired of the strain of stains and messes when it comes to applying cosmetics? Getting foundation on your blouse, lipstick on your collar or spilling liquid primer isn't sexy. Sure, you reach for baby oil to wipe off eye makeup quickly, but rubbing the discoloration out of your clothes can take up too much time. Spending more than a few seconds to spruce up your look doesn't work.

But rest assured because help is on the way! Here's how to clean up five of the toughest makeup missteps in minutes:

Spilling Foundation: Pretreat the affected area with a clarifying product like shaving cream or shampoo. Why? Both of these toiletries have cleaning agents that break down stains before washing, according to Bella Sugar

Eyeliner on the Mirror: Reach for salt to remove the marks before using standard household cleaner. 

Messy Waterproof Mascara: To get rid of any long-lasting makeup formulations, try blotting the area with makeup remover. Warning: make sure to use an oil-free product to avoid an even larger mess. 

Leaving Lipstick Imprints on Clothes: Just spritz the smudges with hair spray and let the item sit for 10 minutes. Then, dab the spot with a sponge before throwing it in the wash. Here's a tip: if your clothing is dry-clean only, it's a good idea to use a piece of tape, too. Other products that work to remove oil- and wax-based lipsticks are baby powder, chalk and baking soda.

Self-tanner Stains: To reverse blotches or blemishes left behind on sheets or clothing, run cold water over the affected area. Then, use a sponge and dish detergent, scrubbing the site from the outside in. Why? It cuts the oil in the tanning formula. Hydrogen peroxide also is beneficial to remove the orange tones from the fabric (but spot-check the area first to make sure the fabric's color won't disappear). Glycerin can also be used as a final resort. Also, don't dry fabrics until the blotches are removed because heat can set stains. 

Cleaning up your cosmetic messes quickly? Tired of sending out a makeup SOS? Tell us your thoughts with a note below!