A cut fit for the royal crown has been made!

The stylish new mom and Duchess of Cambridge is an aristocrat after our own hearts. Despite the demands of motherhood, marriage, and her many public engagements, the pressures of being a royal have not at all stopped her from indulging in some much-needed post-baby George therapy.

New photos of Kate have popped up showing off her freshly dyed chocolate brunette tresses. This me-time has been dubbed much deserved by the press, who know Middleton's new role as a doting mom has cause her to put her hair care regime on the beauty back burner.

Turns out Kate decided to treat herself to the mini makeover after spotting some not so conspicuous gray hairs that made their paparazzi debut in photos taken during a public appearance. As a result, Kate booked an appointment at an exclusive hair salon where she spent a reported six hours! Talk about me time!

Kate's color and cut can be attributed to renowned celebrity stylist Rossano Feretti. The Daily Mail reports that this Italian hair expert's self-named salon has worked on tons of celebrity crowns and that of other royal families too. Kate's mom, actresses Angelina Jolie and Selma Hayek, along with the Saudi Royal family have all gotten the special signature "Method" haircut.

So just what did Kate do for six hours? Well besides enjoying an exclusive salon suite all to herself, the duchess was treated to a super chic dye job, along with an expert trim. The "Method" haircut is said to uses special hand-made texturizing scissors, which help to create what is known as 'the invisible haircut', taking weight out of the hair without compromising length.

We're loving Kate's new look. Time and money well spent! What do you think? Let us know with a note below!