Butterfly Beauty: Meet The Supersilk Hair Salon Service

In need of a low maintenance way to keep hair on the straight and narrow? Looking to get sleek and sexy hair in time for the holidays? Try the latest in-salon craze to touch tresses.

Supersilk is a 100% formaldehyde free, in-salon smoothing service for women wanting silky, gorgeous, lustrous hair. The secret smoothing agent in the brand's formula is known as active ingredient, Nano Silk Complex. So just what is this stuff made of you ask?

This rich amino acid formula is actually derived from the cocoon of butterfly after they have flown away! How cool is that?! The treatment is said to be stronger and more durable than keratin, and unlike other smoothing treatments that lacquer the outside of the hair with toxic chemicals that can be drying, the Supersilk Smoothing System penetrates the hair shaft and nourishes strands from the inside-out, making them sleek, strong & silky.

Women across the globe are loving Supersilk and here is why the brand thinks you will too:

Freedom. For those of you who skimp on your workouts, don't go for a dip in the pool, or refrain from social situations because your hair is frizzy, unruly and takes hours to tame, Supersilk promises give you the freedom to wash & go, and look your best all the time. Supersilk lasts 8-12 weeks and cuts down drying time by 60%!

Versatility. Smoothing your hair doesn't mean it always has to be straight. With Supersilk, you can get wavy, curly, naturally tousled and sophisticatedly smooth styles whenever you like. Vibrastrait, the brand's unique oscillating flat iron, will help you to get temporary waves and curls for your personal pleasure. It allows hair to effortlessly glide through the plates for faster, easier styling. Vibrastrait is available ranging from $189 to $199.

Color-Safe. Unlike other smoothing treatments, Supersilk allows you to cut and color your hair the very same day. Supersilk promises not to change the hue of your hair if it has already been colored as well. You can also wash your hair the same day as your smoothing service. No need to wait the typical 3-4 days to get your hair wet. Yes, swimming is in your future with Supersilk.

Complete System. This in-salon smoothing system is complemented by a number of take-home products, created with a synergistic blend of silk amino acids and shine-enhancing oils that extend the results of the professional Supersilk service. These include the Pure Indulgence Shampoo ($25), Pure Indulgence Rinse Out Conditioner ($24), and Pure Indulgence Leave-In Treatment ($20).

The Supersilk salon service is also affordable, with the suggested price ranging between $150 to $300 depending on the length of your hair.

Ready to try this brand out and see if there's beauty to this butterfly's formula? Let us know with a note!

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