Black Friday Beauty: Tips For Looking Fresh-Faced During Early Bird Morning Sales

So before we can even finish digesting our Thanksgiving feast, it's time to rev up, set your alarms for the crack of dawn, and prepare to charge your nearest department store for the super discounted Black Friday sales on all your most coveted holiday items.

But just because your raiding the aisles doesn't mean you can't look good doing it. Check out our simple Black Friday beauty tips that can keep you looking well rested and fresh-faced.

Puffy Eyes. You know you're only going to get a smidge of sleep Thanksgiving night, so be sure to prevent the dreaded puff around your peepers. After a full meal, kick back, relax, and close your eyes to the benefits of a cold compress, a pair cold cucumber slices, or soothing aloe. The hydrating coolness helps blood constrict blood vessels and prevent the dreaded puff.

Dark Circles. Now these might be harder to stop, so do the next best thing and cover those bad boys up. With little time to make up your face, use a fast-acting concealer stick like L'Oreal True Match Concealer for $9 or the classic Touché Éclat at $40 easy to apply coverage you can blend and be done with in a jiff.

Lips and Cheeks. No time for a blush brush or lip liner this morning, so get cheeky and use a blush stick like the Multiple by NARS in universal shade orgasm for $39. The quick and easy application of this all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multipurpose makeup stick warms the eyes, cheeks, lips, so your pout is covered too.

Clear Skin. The fast and easy way to a smooth and even complexion is with a BB, CC, or DD Cream. Whether you need a blemish balm, color correcting, or a daily defense cream, each formula goes on easy like a moisturizer and provides the coverage you need to look naturally flawless. Try the latest in the alphabet skin care craze with Julep's DD Cream for $36.

Ready for a beautiful Black Friday? Let us know with a note below!

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