Menu's planned, outift is ready, but stumped on a style for up top your head? We've got you covered. We love Cutler/Redken Styling and Grooming Expert Jenny Balding for her quick and fabulous tips on how to make hair look like a million bucks in no time. Check out her great pieces of advice on how to keep hair oil free, shiny, and worthy of a red carpet or Thankgiving Day feast. Let us know what you think with a note below!

So Jenny, how do we combat those pesky oily roots?

A great way to combat oily roots, but still have your hair down in the fall/winter is the sweptback blow dry look that's very popular just row. Blow dry your hair all back off your face and mist with medium hold spray and tuck a little behind the ears.

What's a simple style you recommend to easily get through the holidays chic and fabulousy?

A really low side part and swept into a low ponytail is simple but has such a modern edge when you have it slightly disheveled throughout. Both these looks we're very popular at this season's Fashion Week.

How do we create super shiny, healthy looking hair?

To really create shiny hair, point the nozzle of the dryer down the surface of already dry hair while using a round brush gently. This will close the cuticle, increasing shine. Mist with a light gloss spray.

For a little Hollywood inspiration, which celebs have some of the most modern and chic manes in your expert opinion?

Michelle Williams' hair is more popular than ever right now. Especially since she has the grown out pixie now. If you want to recreate this look, make sure you have the back and sides tailored in softly and keeping the top layers slightly longer. Michelle now wears it slightly undercut. Use a light wax or pomade to keep a perfectly disheveled feel to the whole look.

So that covers blondes, what about brunettes?

Olivia Wilde looks fantastic with her long bob worn straight or wavy. It's really important to get the haircut tailored to exactly your hair type. Have seamless long layers throughout with a slight textured edge through the perimeter. This will give a versatile and effortless feel.

Thanks Jenny! Check out Jenny's cool salon-style tutorials out on YouTube for even more tips and hair care tricks.