Beauty Fad: Oil Pulling

It is common knowledge that facial oils are good for your skin. Using just a few drops of the super-concentrated, vitamin-rich liquid hydrates, nourishes and gives a fantastic glow. But what about swishing oils around in your mouth?

Many women are turning to oil pulling, a process where one rinses with a lubricant for 15 minutes a day to "pull" out germs and toxins that can poison the bloodstream. Thinking this routine sounds yucky or mimics mouthwash? The ritual may not be the most enticing one to try, but it stems from a centuries old Ayurvedic (a Hindu system focused on promoting good health by staying in equilibrium with nature) practice, and delivers several benefits. Beauty lovers can whiten their teeth, clear up their complexions, and prevent many oral diseases. 

But what oils are good for pulling?

The most common serums are sesame, sunflower and coconut, which was featured on an episode of "The Doctors" in October. 

Dermatologist and author, Dr. Debra Jaliman told the Huffington Post that the ages-old practice is most helpful for your gums. Why? Simply put, the process stops the growth of strep bacteria.  

And nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, Bruce Fife touted the three big benefits of oil gargling: teeth whitening, acne prevention and a glowing complexion. Let's break them down: 

Whitening Teeth: Coconut oil has natural antibiotic and anti-viral properties that brighten dull or yellow teeth, said Dr. Bruce. Looking for more positives? The pulling process also improves gum health, eliminates bad breath and creates a more beautiful smile.

Acne Action: The ritual produces a detoxifying effect, reducing the appearance of skin rashes and other blemishes. "Removing bacteria and toxins from the body eliminates a great deal of stress that results in improved energy levels," said Dr. Bruce. 

Gorgeous Glow: Given that using the oil pulls harmful substances from the mouth, Dr. Bruce believes the process improves the skin's overall health and appearance. 

Singing old pulling praises? Going to swish these serums around as part of a skincare regime? Tell us with a note below!        

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