So it looks like Miley is making headlines again and in a very eyebrow raising way.

The 20-year old music star and shock sensation has gone blonde yet again, this time bleaching her brows to the extreme, so that they're virtually invisible. Dare we say, Miley has taken the notion of 'Blurred Lines' to a whole new level?

Posting to Instagram just this week, Miley showed off her surprising new look in pics alongside her dog as well as in a selfie with her signature tongue out and on full display.

Now typically, brows are often dyed lighter or darker to match a new hair color. This freaky look was even popular among the fashion runways of Prada and Balenciaga a few years ago, with legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath leading the way towards this eye-catching statement.

"The current economic troubles open people up to be more daring and willing to don cutting-edge looks," the makeup artist said at the time.

Perhaps McGrath was onto something in her brow analysis. The last time we saw this look was on actress Rooney Mara for her amazing performance in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. In the thrilling cinematic flick, Mara plays a badass detective with a tough upbringing, living on small means.

But with the recession clearly not a problem for Miley, what's her excuse? The multimillion-dollar pop star clearly isn't hurting in the financial department, so our guess is this bleach job is to strategically garner even more attention.

Viewed as sort of alien-like, bleached brows will definitely get Miley the stares she craves. But if you're not a pop star, you might wanna time your dye job for way shorter of a time.

But before you reach for the bleach, consider a subtler take on the look. Lisa Oxenham, beauty and style editor at Marie Claire, agrees.

"Gently tweak eyebrows with bleach," she advised in an interview. "Brows give a face expression - when they are not there the look hardens."

We have a strange hunch that Miley doesn't mind this much, however.

What do you think of the star's new look! Love it or leave it? Sound off in the comments below!