Kris Jennermomager and matriarch of the famous Kardashians, recently announced her partnership with longtime skin care brand, Thibiant Beverly Hills. Excited that the multitasking beauy maven is the company's new ambassador? Click through our slideshow above to get the scoop on the reality TV starlet's favorite products from the label! 

Known for their innovative items and long-lasting treatments, Thibiant is the best under-the-radar beauty label that many of Hollywood's biggest celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere swear by. The company, established more than 40 years ago, takes a personal approach to face and body treatments unique to each client. 

Kris has been a longtime user of the luxury beauty brand's state-of-the-art products. "Thank you Thibiant Beverly Hills!! LOVE the amazing skin care products so much!!! #obsessed," tweeted the talk show host in February.

We hear the starlet uses the $46 Moisture Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. The fragrance-free formula is antioxidant-rich, applied sparsely around her peepers, especially near the orbital bone. The buy contains kigelia fruit extract to encourage cellular reactivation, and provitamin B5 for anti-aging. The find also has palmaria palmata extract to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitasource Multivitamin Repairing Serum, priced at $125, is also the successul entrepreneur's favorite. Consumers, like Kris, apply three to four drops on their faces and throats once daily. The beauty item has Vitamin C for skin-brightening, with A, B, E and F to diminish sun damage. Kim Kardashian's mother also treats herself to the Calming Face Wash Gentle Cleansing Milk. The $28 hydrating, luxurious solution has a creamy texture for dry, normal, sensitive and mature skin. Wondering what benefits that the busy businesswoman enjoys? Just by massaging the product into her face, the amino acids and proteins strengthen her largest organ. And aloe vera softens and soothes away impurities, while sage leaf tones for a smoother feel.   

Last, but not least on Kris' list is the Calming Tonique Gentle Moisturizing Emulsion, available at $26. After spraying the product generously onto cotton and applying to her clean face, all of the TV personality's makeup is removed. But that's not all, for the formula has rose flower oil to condition, soften and improve texture. The toner also has salicylic acid to exfoliate dry, dead cells.   

The famous mom of six is ecstatic to be a part of the beloved company's team. "Thibiant's dedicated team, services and products have been an integral part of my beauty and skin-care routine for years and I am thrilled to share them with the world," stated Kris, according to PR Newswire

Guessing what beauty gems that Mrs. Jenner will bestow upon us? Tell us your thoughts with a note below!