Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery [PHOTOS]: Movie Star's Medical Records Show Work Done on Chin and Nose, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried and More Celebrities Confess to Considering Going Under the Knife

Hollywood is known for being the land of the beautiful but to remain relevant you must make sure your beauty never fades.

Marilyn Monroe who died in her prime is still a Hollywood icon not only for her talent but also for her beauty. However, recently, medical records revealed that her looks were brought and made with the miracle of extensive plastic surgery.

According to The Daily Beast, the actress's medical files and X-rays were sold for $25,600 at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

The documents released to the winner of the action use several aliases but matched Marilyn Monroe's address.

The papers confirmed that the "Happy Birthday" singer underwent cosmetic surgery on her chin and nose.

Four years of medical records also showed that she suffered from an immune deficiency, an ectopic pregnancy and problems with her plastic surgery.

Marilyn Monroe was not the first Hollywood starlet to go under the knife and she certainly won't be the last.

According to Extra TV, there are a couple of stars today who are not opposed to a little nip and tuck.

Check out our slide show to see if one of your favorite celebrities are planning to indulge themselves in some plastic surgery in the future.

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