Demi Lovato 'Let It Go' Singer: 'X Factor' Judge Opens Up About Dark Struggles with Drugs and Eating Disorder, Talks Miley Cyrus' Racy Image


Demi Lovato recently opened up about her dark struggles with drugs and an eating disorder. The "Let It Go" singer and "The X Factor" judge even talked about Miley Cyrus' new racy image. 

According to US Weekly, the "Glee" season 5 guest star, 21, has dedicated herself to being a positive role model to fans since her infamous rehab stint for "physical and emotional issues" from October 2010 to January 2011.

"I used to say that too," admitted Lovato about previously not wanting to be a role model to Entertainment Weekly for their Nov. 15 print issue. "That was my excuse to do whatever the f*** I wanted and not give a s*** about what other people thought. Then I ended up going through some stuff. I realized I'm never going to escape the fact that I'm in the public eye, so I might as well do the best I can."

The blue-haired singer battled such deep and serious issues as a young child star on her now-defunct Disney series, "Sonny With a Chance." After going to rehab, the starlet, who is now starring alongside Naya Rivera and Lea Michele on the hit FOX musical show, knows that age brings wisdom. 

"When I was in treatment, I honestly thought my career was over," explained Lovato about her difficult struggle. "But when I came out of treament, I had more supportive fans than ever." 

Joe Jonas' ex-girlfriend didn't let any amount of doubt or negativity stop her from bouncing back, and kick-starting her career again. Her road to recovery wasn't easy though. 

"I'm battling with internal thoughts on how honest I should be," said Lovato, who mentors young talent on "X Factor" with Simon Cowell. "Yes, I've been very honest, but if people really knew how dark and deep my struggles got -- not just with my eating disorder but with drugs and alcohol -- they'd be really shocked. But I'll most likely end up saying everything. Maybe it'll help other people in the industry who are headed down the wrong path."

With Lovato's familiarity with problems and dealing with public backlash, the star has a lot of advice to share. In fact, she has often been asked about her thoughts on Liam Hemsworth's ex-fiance.

"She's having fun and figuring out who she is," added Lovato about Cyrus before pausing and smiling, "and this is the age when that happens. I think that...she's doing her own thing. Good for her."

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