Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Weekly Faves

Excited for Thanksgiving yet? I am getting ready for the holiday by using my favorite cocoa butter products to have glowing skin to show off to my family at our Turkey day feasts. Since winter is around the corner, it's time to find the right moisturizer, right? I love cocoa-chic buys for the hydration and nourishment. With the cold weather drying out your skin, these products will put the moisture right back in. Click through the slideshow for the items! 

My first pick is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, an emollient base in a short jar that never leaves my skin thirsty. I love smoothing this $5 moisturizer with Vitamin E on my hands, feet, legs and arms. The formula never feels oily and greasy, and is perfect for use all over the body. As an added benefit, the item also eliminates scars, along with acne marks while toning skin. I wouldn't recommend putting on a thick layer or re-applying a lot during the day; one time daily has been enough for me. What a marvelous moisturizer! 

Another product that is equally satisfying for me is Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Natural Facial Scrub, a soothing, natural-fiber formula. Priced at $5, I use this item once a week in the shower. Yup, that's all you need, unless you have extremely oily skin (use two times a week.) If you love a deep cleaning that produces a fresh face while exfoliating dead cells right off using walnut powder, try this scrub!  Since natural cocoa butter helps replenish lost moisture, this product will protect your skin from harsh elements, creating a healthy glow. 

For extra nourishment when it comes to my lips, I use a tiny amount of the Vaseline Rich Conditioning Petroleum Jelly. The $4 cocoa butter-infused buy may have fragrance, but it doesn't irritate my pout. According to several dermatologists, Vaseline's petroleum blend is highly refined and regarded as non-carcinogenic, meaning it doesn't cause cancer. Given that there's been a huge debate for several years about the safety of petroleum jelly used in cosmetics, I was skeptical about using this formula. But the brand's product is also considered safe to use due to a triple purification process followed during manufacturing, removing toxic components. And the find takes your pout from rough and tough to rich and terrific. Why not apply this product before going to bed at night? Wake up to a wonderfully smooth pucker that feels soft to the touch. I say, ciao to chapped lips! 

What can I say: it's all about the butter, baby! Love cocoa-infused products? Tell us with a note below! And don't forget to follow us @Beautyworldnews and like us on Facebook.        

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