No matter how famous a gal gets, we all have the same beauty questions and concerns. We got such a kick out of NBC's Extra's latest celebrity beauty dilemmas round up, we had to share it with our Beauty World Newsers. Click through the slideshow to see what questions link with each celeb.

This Q&A proves even celebs want quick beauty fixes. Among the many wishes celebs pine for in the cosmetic innovation department, we loved supermodel, Christy Brinkley's. "If they invented some sort of cream that could just like tighten everything!" Christy, If only!

Check out what a few popular actresses and TV personalities were dying to know, and hear the advice Dr. Kao gave to each of their cosmetic queries.

Eva Longoria. This bombshell brunette is concerned about the junk in the trunk. "I really wanna know how to keep my ass really high, without implants or surgery," the star told Extra. Wow, tell us how you really feel Eva!

Dr. Kao. The top Hollywood plastic surgeon had this to say to this formerly desperate housewife. "Eva, I can't believe how many people ask me that question," he said. "Without surgery, it's really lunges and squats. So with surgery, we can take a little fat from you and shape your butt like a twenty year old."

Snooki. The Jersey Shore reality star sensation and new mom had post baby weight on the brain when she asked Dr. Kao her question: "After the baby, is it possible to get away the stretch marks?"

Dr. Kao. "This is what we call a mommy makeover," the surgeon replied. The physician opted to offer a more permanent solution to these unsightly skin care blemishes through surgery. "We can get rid of the stretch marks in your tummy and make your breast more lifted and perkier."

JWoww. Piggybacking off her best friend Snooki's beauty dilemma, the fellow Jersey Shore cast member asked another baby related question, though much more bizarre than what we expected. JWoww wondered: "Is it true that the placenta makes you look younger?"

Dr. Kao. With a smile the doc says "JWoww, it's not true. I know they're stem cells in placenta, but it probably doesn't do you any good."

Kim Richards. As a cast member from Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this reality star is quite familiar with the nip and tuck process, having undergone a rhinoplasty (a.k.a. nose job) last year. From the nature of her beauty dilemma, we wonder if she could be ready to go under the knife again: "What age do you recommend for a woman to have a facelift?"

Dr. Kao. "My recommendation is actually to go a little bit younger. When there's less to do, there's less incisions to make," Dr. Kao explained. "It's really not about the number or the age."

Yolanda Foster. Kim's fellow Beverly Hills cast member decided to take the non-surgical route: "What's going to be the next technology to help aging a little bit without cutting?"

Dr. Kao. "The next wave of technology is already here," the surgeon replied. "It's called Regenlite. It can improve the texture of your skin without downtime of redness."

What beauty questions would you ask a celebrity surgeon if you got the chance? Let us know with a note below!