Get ready for the next generation in nail color! Introducing FUSE Gelnamels, all-in-one highly pigmented formulas that are both polishes and gels designed to deliver salon-worthy results. These breakthrough buys are smudge-free and long-lasting like a gel, but while enhancing nail growth like a polish.

Created by the #1 at-home gel polish brand, SensatioNail, FUSE Gelnamels come in 12 different hues. The products are designed to help women achieve fantastic nails with speed and ease. The range is also affordable, priced between $9.99 to $29.99. Beauty junkies can buy any of six starter kits, which each contain the patent-pending FUSE LED Lamp, one of the Gelnamel shades, a cleanse, manicure stick and nail buffer. Each color, along with a Gel Cleanser & Lint-Free Wipes Kit for $6.50, are also available for individual purchase.

"Women want nail color with staying power, but without the time, effort, cost or commitment of gels," explained Melissa Kahane, FUSE's senior marketing manager. "That's where FUSE Gelnamel comes in.  Offering the best of both worlds - - chip-resistant, high-shine color that flash dries in seconds, but with the flexibility to easily change - - FUSE let's you have FUN with your nail color."

Melissa continued about using their hybrid products, "Our high-powered, ultra-portable LED lamp allows nails to be done virtually anywhere!  With the simple press of a button, the reflective interior cures (treats with ultra-violet light to ensure long-lasting wear) Gelnamel in 30 seconds, while the groove on the inside promises proper placement under the LED bulb. It's affordable and so simple, you'll nail it and love it!" 

Gelnamel comes in contrasting colors, as described by SensatioNAIL. Treat yourself to: 

Lights, Camera, Re-action!: A shimmery silver that lights up the room

Such a Laser: A golden beam of light

Gone Fission: A glistening pink glitter that transports you to another world

Lightning Jolt: A glittery purple that's a "royal" shock to the system

Polar Bare: A nude you'll sparkle in (that works at the north pole)

Na-no Way!: A seriously bright pink that's out of this world

Elec-tric or Treat: A coral guaranteed to ignite the room

Watt's Your Color?: A powerful red that you'll want to brag about

Intens-so-fly: A teal that will make you squeal

Sonic Blue-m: An electric blue that will send shock waves

E-motion: A vibrant purple that you'll be passionate about

V-amp: A rich, alluring red that take the volume to the next level

The Gelnamels' benefits? You get one-coat coverage from start to finish, nails that don't chip, and a megawatt shine that lasts.

To remove the colors, just use 100% acetone with the nail brand's Gel Polish Removal Kit and Gel Polish Removal Tool

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