4 Reasons To Never Pop Your Pimples

If we were to define the word, 'pimple,' we'd call it the typical skin care nightmare. There's nothing worse than feeling that pesky bump begin to rear it's ugly head, knowing you're going to have to figure out a clever way to cover it. Even worse are those surprise blemishes, better known as 'pop-up pimples,' that love to appear while you're sleeping and make their debut when you first look in the mirror that morning. Grrrrrrr!

But before you let your emotions get the best of you, don't go attacking that pimple until you read this. We're all tempted to simply annihilate our bumps with the perfect blend of pressure and frustration, however here are four reasons that suggest it might be better to just let these skin care woes be.

Bacteria. Despite the feeling of success you feel when you think you've eliminated an annoying pimple, it really isn't going anywhere. 'Popping' a zit, extracting a blackhead, or whitehead might trigger puss and debris to emerge, but rupturing a blemish also causes this gross goo to explode underneath the skin's surface as well. Yuck!

More Pimples. And so of course, piggybacking on our first warning above, when you pop pimples, you're actually creating more of them! These unsightly little things are comprised of clogged pores, filled with oil and dead skin cells trapped within skin. Releasing the debris only adds insult to injury, infecting the smooth skin around it with more bumps.

New Bacteria. This is why you should really stay hands-off. Touching your face can introduce new bacteria and germs to this delicate skin. With all of the daily activities we do that involve touching things used communally, this wide variety of germs can easily trigger breakouts when they come into contact with your face. Now imagine popping a pimple and introducing this new bacteria to the bacteria that's already clogged within skin.

Scarring. Don't let a temporary blemish turn into a permanent imperfection. Coming at skin so harshly to pop zits that'll be gone in a few days, can leave them lingering for much longer. Permanent pot marks, dark spots, red zones, and even cysts can form from attacking an annoying bump. Best solution? Grin and bear it!

Do you resist the urge to mess with your blemishes, or do you go in for the kill? Let us know with a note below!

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