It looks like teen bride Courtney Stodden, 19, has decided to split from her husband of three years, Doug Hutchison, 53.

According to Hollywood Life, the former "Celebrity Big Brother" UK contestant is "done with" her husband.

The teen who is known for her plastic surgery especially her large breast implants is ready to be independent.

Courtney Stodden first made headlines after marrying Doug Hutchinson in May 2011 with her parents' blessing when she was 16-years-old.

A source close to the couple told Radar Online, "Courtney has called it quits on her marriage," adding, "She is done with him and he's totally heartbroken."

The insider insisted, "Doug knew he was taking a risk with the marriage, but he genuinely fell in love with Courtney and didn't realize how much his life would be changed after they got married."

Stodden and Hutchinson appeared on the reality show "Couples Therapy" in 2012, but since then Courtney has been booking solo opportunities, including her stint on "Big Brother," according to Hollywood Life.

The source went on to say, "She is branching out and doing her own thing and Doug is getting left behind."

The insider continued, "Everything with Courtney and Doug is so contrived, but he wasn't with her at her Halloween party and she's always doing things by herself lately. He just isn't part of the scene anymore now.

"They'll probably stage a photo op just to pretend they're still together though."

The teenager, who famously flaunts her DD-cup breast implants, hasn't been seen with her husband since October 2nd, according to Radar Online.

The source revealed that Stodden is doing her best to postpone announcing the break up because she is hoping to star in her own reality show about finding new love.

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