Miley Cyrus Theo Wenner Rumored Girlfriend Party: 'Wrecking Ball' Singer Goes Out with Lindsay Lohan? Liam Hemsworth's Ex Reportedly Drinks Alcohol Underage

Miley Cyrus, Theo Wenner's rumored girlfriend, reportedly went out and recently partied with Lindsay Lohan. The "Wrecking Ball" singer and Liam Hemsworth's ex-fiance also supposedly drank alcohol underage.

According to Perez Hilton, Cyrus, who is still 20, popped into the popular NYC hotspot, 10ak to party with Magic Johnson's 20-year-old son, Earvin Johnson III. 

"Miley and EJ were at 1OAK...," said an insider to Perez. "Miley was drinking alcohol in the club." 

If possibly drinking liquor underage wasn't bad enough, it looks like a supposedly sober Lohan was caught in the drama, too. 

"Lindsay Lohan was at a nearby table and came running over to Miley's table," continued the insider. "The girls started giggling and whispering. They made several trips to the bathroom together and then left out a back exit, so they wouldnt be spotted by the paparazzi." 

According to Hollywood Life, the two looked liked old friends. But was the odd pair giving each other advice?

It's hard to tell just why Lohan and Cyrus were acting like best buddies. But onlookers said they were really enjoying hanging out together.

"They were partying separately and then out of no where Lindsay rolled over to her table," a source said to HL. "It was absolutely bizarre but they looked like old pals." 

Think Cyrus was drinking underage, and Lohan is back being a bad girl? Tell us in a note below!        

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