Looking for a unique scent to make your signature? How about a shot of whiskey?

Luxury perfumer Seth Kornegay has recently added a line of affordable rollerballs to his collection so everyone can experience his fragrances. Starting at just $30 for 15 ml travel size rollerballs (up to $620 for 1.7 oz parfum), each scent is made without any synthetics and derived from both pure and unusual ingredients sourced from around the world.

Kornegay's line offers eight exclusive Eau de Parfums available only in small, hand-numbered quantities.

Among his collection, fragrance Petra is one of Seth's rarest and most interesting unisex fragrances. The scent includes Islay single malt whiskey from the southernmost portion of the Inner Hebridean Islands located off the west coast of Scotland. Talk about unique!

Orla is a fragrance created to honor First Lady Michelle Obama. The scent includes notes of dazzling Rose garden, interspersed with notes of Tuberose and African Violets, sprinkled with Pear Williams Eau de Vie.

Seth is also is pleased to announce the debut of his newest natural fragrance during Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Undenied - specifically created to honor all the remarkable qualities associated with each brave person who fights breast cancer daily. Undenied is a unique fragrance that strives to epitomize the enduring strength and character of those battling breast cancer each and every day.

"Watching my grandmother battle breast cancer daily left an indelible mark on my soul that led me to create Undenied in order to honor, and hopefully help, all those affected by this disease," said Kornegay. "Our luxury perfume house has been blessed with success and we are pleased we are in a position to give back and assist organizations who in some way help those with breast cancer on a daily basis."

Undenied features White Amber and Alpine freshness accentuated with Italian Citrus notes which are highlighted with exotic, wild Northern herbs, rare barks, and feral spices out of Kipling's adventurous tales from days of yore. Undenied is now available is 50 ml Eau de Parfum ($205), 50 ml Eau de Toilette ($95) and 15 ml Eau de Toilette Rollerball ($30). The company will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Undenied to various breast cancer awareness organizations.

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