'Batman: Arkham Origins' Release Date 2013: Caped Crusader PS3, Xbox, Wii and PC Video Game Trailer [SEE NOW] Critics Give Mixed Reviews Despite 'Predictable' Series

"Batman: Arkham Origins" has finally been released on Friday after many fans were so excited over its trailer! The 2013 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC video game about the caped crusader has gotten mixed reviews from critics despite being called a "predictable" series.

According to Hollywood Life, top early reviews said the game has a lot to offer fans of the Arkham collection though it isn't exactly new or innovative.

"Batman games are like pizza: even when they're not very good, they're still pretty good, " reported IGN. "Next to Arkham City, Arkham Origins is a bit of a disappointment in its lack of new ideas and use of win buttons, making it the least interesting of the trilogy. But as excuses to dive back into the excellent free-flowing combat and predator takedowns go, this story isn't bad."

Another review cited the game as somewhat stale, but still worth the money. 

"Batman: Arkham Origins is a deeply predictable game," said GameSpot. "It gives you exactly what you'd expect in another Arkham game, without doing anything to push the series forward. In the absence of new elements, the tried-and-true free-flow combat and predator mechanics feel routine rather than inspired.

The GameSpot review continued, "Origins is worth experiencing for the way it sets the stage for the events of the other Arkham games, but it also resides squarely in their shadows."

And called "Batman: Arkham Origins" a "wonderful version of somebody else's game," copying Rocksteady's template.

Buying or brought the game yet? Tell us in a note below and watch the game's trailer!   


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