It's finally here! We have reached the end of our Top 10 Makeover Movie Moments Countdown! For the past 10 weeks, we have profiled one cinematic classic at a time, showcasing their best makeover scenes that take a gal from just plain bad, to badass. We've profiled scene after great scene that proves a little hair and makeup transforms not only the outside, but let's a woman's inner confidence and true beauty shine through. It's been a wild countdown, but let's get to number 1!

#1 - Sarah Bailey and Nancy Downs in The Craft

This nineties classic cult film rounds out our Top 10. While every other film has relied on traditional hairstylists and makeup gurus, these high school sorceresses simply call upon their favorite spells to remake themselves. Talk about an instant makeover!

It all starts when Sarah Bailey moves to Los Angeles and joins the local Catholic high school. She soon meets a trio of social outcasts who like to dabble in the occult and witchcraft. A natural witch, Sarah proves more than worthy to bee the trio's fourth and final member of their coven. The girls quickly realize their powers have reached a newfound level, allowing them to right the wrongs in their lives, make guys fall for them, put their bullies in their place, and of course, change up their looks.

Now when we talk about changing looks, we usually mean with makeup. Sarah Bailey and Nancy Downs take it one major step further, however. While hanging out, Sarah showcases her mastery of a new spell. To start out small, she changes her eye color, and then right before her unimpressed friends, she goes from a redhead to a blonde instantly. The stunt leaves everyone shocked and stoked.

Not to be outdone, Sarah's soon to be nemesis, Nancy, uses the same stunt later to get back at an ex, this time changing her entire face to transform into the image of Sarah.

These ladies round out our countdown because they personify what every gal dreams of being able to do. Imagine changing your hair color in the blink of an eye! Of course this movie doesn't depict makeovers in the traditional sense, but it definitely takes it to a super cool extreme. These ladies end up paying the price for their wild witchy ways, but it's sure fun to watch while it lasts!

No tutorial on this one, but let's enjoy those epic scenes by watching the clips below! Missed any of the countdown, check out who came in at #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, and #2.