We are one week away from the end of our Top 10 Makeover Movie Countdown. We've been paying cinematic homage to the best scenes from classic films where the wallflower turns into the showstopper. Who doesn't love a great movie makeover where a little hair and makeup makes all the difference in a gal's confidence and swagger? Gotta love it! Let the countdown continue!

#2- Tai Frasier in Clueless

Who doesn't love this cult classic film for the 90's? From the fashions to the pop culture phrases and the music of the era, this film epitomized a time of carefree high school couture fun that people still can't get enough of til this day. This unassuming movie about young people and young love puts a modern day spin on Jane Austen's Emma, turned on its head with designer labels and dramatic teenagers.

Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) is the ever popular blonde, wealthy "it girl." She and her BFF Dionne (played by Stacy Dash) rule the school, with their trend setting wardrobes, confident attitudes and cell phones that are semi-permanently attached to their hands. Bored and in need of a little good Samaritan work, Cher decides to take new student, Tai Frasier, under her hair, makeup, and fashion wing.

Tai is the quintessential grunge girl. Baggy jeans, sneakers, and flannels personify her before look. In order to hang with her newfound fabulous friends, however, a makeover is in serious order. Cher has plans for Tai in the dating department, and to make the best impression, Cher taps her girl Dionne and they set to work on remaking their special project over into a worthy third member of their crew.

Tai's makeover goes to show you don't need a professional glam squad to achieve stellar results. Already naturally gorgeous, the late Brittany Murphy's character proves that a couple great girlfriends often know what will look best on a friend. Cher and Dionne refine Tai's tomboy charm by defining her curls with foam rods, playing up her eyes with full brows accented by soft smoky shadows, and a soft wine lip that pops off of Tai's now refined auburn tresses. Throw in a mile high mini skirt, and this Beverly Hills newbie fits right in!

Now while some consider the 90's to be of certified throwback status, we think this era is the easiest one to make 21s century current. Sans the A-line mini and junior's department graphic tees, we'd say you could definitely get away with using Tai as the inspiration for your look. Even better, this deep lip color and soft neutral eye shadows are of-the-moment trends, so why not be a little clueless?

Check out the classic clip in the video below and let us know what you love about Clueless with a comment! And if you missed any of our countdown, click on who came in at #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, #4, and #3.