This week, we honor classic beauty, Rita Moreno as our Thursday Throwback.

An Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Oscar. Actress Rita Moreno is part of a small group of talented stars who have achieved such a level of accolades. The star is considered by Life Magazine to be a living legend. As only the second Puerto Rican actor to win an Academy Award, Moreno made history and was etched into the cinematic hall of legendary films after her brilliant performance in the one and only West Side Story movie adaptation of 1961. Talented and beautiful, the star continues to stay in the press today, while her gorgeous silver screen looks are replayed across theaters around the world.

Rita Moreno's makeup story is unique. While her looks embodied everything a Hollywood starlet would have and more, Rita had to combat harsh typecasting and stereotypical roles that often left her little room to be herself and portray versatile characters. She explained she was often given role after role as an all-purpose ethnic, with peasant clothes, hoop earrings, and brown makeup. Despite the narrowness of her early acting career, however, Moreno is revered for both her achievements in the industry as well as for her stunning features.

Coming of age during the 1950's, Moreno's makeup techniques reflect the trends of the decade. Your eye immediately went to the framing features of Rita's face, noticing the rounded arch of her thick, full brows, and her gorgeous red lipstick pout. These were the popular looks of the time, as the end of black and white movies, and the dawn of motion color pictures in Tinseltown, caused the makeup industry to infuse a huge jolt of color to their brand lines. Rita's skin is flawlessly even, likely the result of using the Pan Cake foundation made popular by Max Factor during the time. What's not covered up, however, is Moreno's beauty mark just below her left eye. Thanks to the legendary Marilyn Monroe, beauty marks were another trend women opted to sport, rocking their own naturally, or drawing them on for added sensual flair.

And a trend we absolutely love that Rita often sported was bright red lipstick that would match a set of fabulously manicured nails. Seen as a sign of sophistication, no Hollywood starlet dare mismatch these two essential elements of glamorous beauty. And an equally popular trend, the cat eye, had women winging out across the country. Eyeliner would be swept up and out at the sides, making Rita's eyes even bigger and doe-eyed. Love!

Make these looks your own and modernize them, experimenting with fun eyeliner colors, deep lipstick shades for fall, and equally dark nail colors to match.

Check out Rita in her Academy-Award winning performance in West Side Sotry below and let us know if you'll be trying this vintage look by leaving us a comment!