This week, we honor classic beauty, Rita Moreno as our Thursday Throwback.

An Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Oscar. Actress Rita Moreno is part of a small group of talented stars who have achieved such a level of accolades. The star is considered by Life Magazine to be a living legend. As only the second Puerto Rican actor to win an Academy Award, Moreno made history and was etched into the cinematic hall of legendary films after her brilliant performance in the one and only West Side Story movie adaptation of 1961. Talented and beautiful, the star continues to stay in the press today, while her gorgeous silver screen looks are replayed across theaters around the world.

Rita Moreno's makeup story is unique. While her looks embodied everything a Hollywood starlet would have and more, Rita had to combat harsh typecasting and stereotypical roles that often left her little room to be herself and portray versatile characters. She explained she was often given role after role as an all-purpose ethnic, with peasant clothes, hoop earrings, and brown makeup. Despite the narrowness of her early acting career, however, Moreno is revered for both her achievements in the industry as well as for her stunning features.