Ladies, the latest innovation in the world of blowouts has arrived with the launch of the beauty app Blow Me, a mobile app that connects available hair stylists with clients iwho want a professional blowout in the convenience of their home, office, hotel or anywhere with a chair and an outlet! And all within the hour!

Simply download the app on your iPhone or Android and a professional hair stylist will be at your specified location. Upon completion of the service your credit card will be charged a fee of fifty dollars in a completely cashless system - gratuity included in the one set price, so it is simple and easy.

Blow Me was created by Sylvia Vaught, a renowned hairstylist and Elizabeth Cullen, a former television exec. Elizabeth realized a pressing issues for her and women in general was life balance and finding the time to juggle it all. "There are only so many hours in the day and it can be really challenging to find time for yourself," she explained.  "Because of my crazy schedule, I would barely find the time to get my hair done with Sylvia at Estilo Salon." 

It was during one of these precious salon visits in early 2013 that Elizabeth and Sylvia had a revelation.  "What if we could make the in-home blowout available not only to the wealthy and famous, but a convenient and affordable luxury for everybody?" Elizabeth proposed. "With today's smartphone technology we can make it a reality," Sylvia responded, and Blow Me was born.

The technology of the Blow Me app allows the consumer to have a professional blow out within 60 minutes of the request.  This eliminates the stress of keeping set appointments, navigating the nightmare of traffic, and the hassle of parking.  The app is currently available for the iPhone and Android and more platforms will be launching soon. Blow Me stylists will initially be servicing West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and then expand throughout LA and to other major cities.  

"We think technology and personal service is a game-changer and couldn't be more excited about Blow Me!" added an excited Sylvia. Visit to learn more and download the app on your smartphone. Register your information to start your new addiction to professional blowouts whenever and wherever you need them.

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